Mobile time recording instead of time clock

Most companies use systems to record working hours.

However, employees in sales, field service or, for example, assembly cannot use these stationary systems. They often record their working times on paper or in Excel lists and pass them on to the office staff for further processing. There, the data is transferred to the company‘s own time recording system and entered.

Mobile time recording via an app and smartphone or tablet simplifies this process enormously. An app-based solution can also be used in offices or production facilities. Alternatively, working time can be recorded via stationary tablet terminals. This is not only a cost-effective variant of time recording, it also enables comprehensive evaluation options. The tablet can also be used for other internal processes.

Mobile time recording on the smartphone

With its cloud solution myBusiness.AI, Mobile2b GmbH from Cologne offers the possibility to record and evaluate working times via an app.

An account is created at the backend for the employees. Users then download the time recording app from the respective store (iOS or Android). Using a user name and password, employees log on once and can then “stamp on and off“ on their smartphone or tablet. It does not matter whether an Internet connection is available or not. “Offline“, the data is stored locally in the app and then transferred when there is an Internet connection.

Employees can also be automatically reminded at the start and end of their work to record their working hours and incorrect entries can be avoided. Field service employees can also use the app to view their working time account and apply for holiday, for example.  

No more administrative work for office staff

In the backend, the working times for office staff are clearly displayed. All recorded working times run directly into the IT system and are evaluated there. Breaks, holidays and sick days are also automatically taken into account and included in the evaluation.

Working times can also be linked to projects, orders or customers. Thus, it can be recorded exactly how much time an employee has spent, e.g. on a certain project.

Digitalization platform myBusiness.AI

In addition, the app offers the possibility to digitalize business processes quickly and easily. Instead of paper forms, digital checklists are processed on the smartphone or tablet. Individual modules such as order management, time recording or inventory management can be linked with each other and thus combined to form a business app platform “from a single source“.

The modules can also be used separately.

Mobile2b GmbH


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