Architecture photo | Architekturfoto

Metallically shimmering ceramic

In the Danish town of Ishoj, around 20 kilometres south-west of Copenhagen, an unusual residential estate has been completed. The complex designed by the two Copenhagen firms ONV Arkitekter and JAJA...


Company News | Firmennachrichten

STO takes over Ströher completely

With effect from 1 July 2019, Managing Partners Gerhard Albert and Patrick Schneider have sold their remaining 49.9% stake in Ströher GmbH to STO SE & Co. KGaA, based in Stühlingen.What started as...


Mobile time recording instead of time clock

Most companies use systems to record working hours.However, employees in sales, field service or, for example, assembly cannot use these stationary systems. They often record their working times on...

Tecnofiliere S.R.L.

New dies for Sarl Briqueterie Guerrouache

Tecnofiliere, the Italian die supplier, is supplying Sarl Briqueterie Guerrouache, one of the leading Algerian brick manufacturers. The order is for the supply of dies of the model TFE-J EVO for the...


Craven Fawcett becomes Teide distributor

Craven Fawcett has become the UK distributor for Teide Refractory Solutions, a Spanish-based leading supplier of refractory materials to the global ceramics industry.Teide has developed a...



International News


Rehart GmbH

The customer comes first!

That is one of Rehart’s four corporate values that no doubt led to the machine engineering company being voted into third place in the Zi Service Supplier Award at ceramitec 2018. Klaus Schülein and ...

Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen e.V. (IZF – Brick and Tile Research Institute)

Helping to shape change in the clay brick and tile industry

At the Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen e.V. (IZF – Brick and Tile Research Institute), changes have been made in the management structure as of 1 March 2019. Annette Ilg-Muhlack, who had previously...


Market Review | Marktübersicht

EECFA construction forecast to 2020

EECFA (Eastern European Construction Forecasting Association) has released its “Winter Construction Forecast Reports 2018” based on research on the construction markets of eight Eastern European...


Technical Paper | Fachbeitrag

Reiner Voss

Cutting-edge classic: Situational Leadership

Leaders have to adapt their leadership style both to the as-found situation and to those they wish to lead. That thesis was developed by Paul Hersey, who helped invent the Situational Leadership...