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Official start-up of modernized brick plant in Schönlind

The extensive modernization project at Schönlind brickworks was completed with an official start-up ceremony on the 10th of May.

Some 150 invited guests from the realms of politics, business and society came to see for themselves what Leipfinger-Bader’s refurbished facility now has to offer. State parliament member Dr. Harald Schwartz was the event’s official speaker. The CSU politician joined company CEO Thomas Bader in praising the special importance of the plant as an economic and ecological performance centre for the construction industry in northern Bavaria.

The crucial item of the modernization effort was an upgrade of the tunnel kiln to reflect the latest energy standards. The overall investments also include a dryer entry platform, a rectifying system and a track-based handling and transport system. The roofs and façades of the existing building were also upgraded for good measure. Leipfinger-Bader invested approx. € 8 million in this major project. Since taking over the erstwhile Merkl brickworks in 2014, Leipfinger-Bader has implemented measures costing a rough total of € 15 million. Bader explains: “We view this major project as a strong, long-term commitment to our Schönlind plant.”

In his own speech, Dr. Harald Schwartz praised the location as a centre of excellence for the construction industry: “Leipfinger-Bader, as one of our hidden champions, proves that there are good job opportunities to be found outside of the metropolitan areas, even out here in the country with us.”

After the ceremonial inauguration, about 350 local residents and employees joined a tour of the plant to see for themselves what the overhauled plant looks like now.

Leipfinger-Bader KG


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