Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen e.V. (IZF – Brick and Tile Research Institute)

Helping to shape change in the clay brick and tile industry

At the Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen e.V. (IZF – Brick and Tile Research Institute), changes have been made in the management structure as of 1 March 2019. Annette Ilg-Muhlack, who had previously been responsible for the commercial management, has taken over direction of the Institute from Michael Ruppik. Administrative management is now in the hands of Eckhard Rimpel. Dr.-Ing. Anne Tretau is responsible for Institute’s scientific work. We spoke to Anne Tretau and Eckhard Rimpel about how they intend to manage the Institute in the future.

What topics top the agenda for you in your new roles?

A.T.: Our short-term goal is to continue with the modernization of the Institute. This applies primarily to the personnel. We want to employ more and especially younger people, who can also introduce new topics. Here we have already had some success and bolstered the institute with some younger colleagues. The average age of those working at the IZF is now 45 years.

The focus of research and development work will be the field of simulation in future. We want to use simulation to replace costly tests and, above all, get results faster....

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