Clay bricks and tiles – a constant in changing times

Do these words of Wilhelm O. Banditt, General Secretary of the Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile Industry in the 1960s, still ring true after 50 years?

Clay bricks and roofing tiles have maintained their status as building materials on a high level due to the steady further development and adaption of their properties to meet increasing requirements. Political activities on national and European level have the concrete goals of protecting the climate and environment for the future – at the same time, however, the economy has to grow and jobs must be created or safeguarded. A balancing act that, as we all know, requires a high degree of commitment to innovation, scientific stewardship and support combined with a considerable need for research and development.

The IZF Brick and Tile Research Institute will continue to meet these exciting challenges in the future! Established on 24 July 1952 in Essen as a testing and research centre for brickworks products, which then became independent as an association in 1952 and was renamed “IZF Brick and Tile Research Institute” in 1957, the IZF has not only collected a wealth of experience. It has also been instrumental in technological improvements in the production process.

A new era for the IZF began at the end of 2011 with the demolition of the old office building. The newbuild will safeguard the Institute’s “Essen” base and its efficient working ability for the future. In January 2013 we moved into our new office building. We now want to take this opportunity to celebrate our 60th anniversary and sincerely thank all helpers and sponsors.

There are many interesting areas that are still to be researched and will further advance clay bricks and tiles. The IZF will make a significant contribution to this. We can all be sure that while time and conditions will change, clay bricks and roofing tiles will stay!

Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Knüpfer
Director of the IZF Brick and Tile Research Institute Essen Regd.

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