New low NOx solution from Elster Kromschröder

A new development from Elster Kromschröder drastically reduces thermal NOx formation in ON/OFF-controlled high-speed burners.
    The patented Low-NOx solution menox consists of the new burner type BIC...M, which can function in two operating modes using special control equipment: in traditional flame mode at low furnace temperatures and in menox low NOx mode with flameless combustion at higher furnace temperatures. With the help of menox, NOx values can be reduced to below 150 mg/ m3 (reference value of 5% O2) even at a furnace temperature of 1 200° C and hot air at 450° C – and all this, without expensive additional piping.

Although two operating modes are possible depending on the combustion chamber temperatures, there is only one connection for combustion gas and one for combustion air. As a result of the fact that the design is identical to the BIC burner, the identical dimensions of the burner housing for the BIC…M mean that it can also be used for retrofitting existing installations that currently feature conventional BIC burners.


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