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Robot replacement – fast and effective

The use of robots has become state of the art in today’s brick and tile industry. Thanks to their high degree of flexibility, they are ideal for performing handling tasks.

However, the ongoing maintenance costs should not be underestimated as these rise with advancing age owing to unscheduled maintenance measures such as the replacement of cable harnesses or individual robot axes.

Under certain circumstances, the complete replacement of a robot pays off at time ‘x’, not least in order to be up to date in terms of control technology.

Keller offers the replacement of robots within a very short time and ensures the ongoing function of the new robots without any need for re-editing already existing formats. The application is recorded exactly in advance and all necessary calibration points are determined. Only then is the robot replaced, the new robot being discussed in detail with the customer in advance. The robot is replaced within one day. Production can therefore already be resumed after a short time.

This also works for all brands, as Keller recently demonstrated in Serbia. Here, industrial robots from various manufacturers were successfully replaced.

Keller HCW GmbH


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