Peter Friedrich

Use of image processing systems in support of robots for complex handling tasks

The rising level of automation and robotization of production plant in the brick and tile industry is increasingly necessitating the use of image processing systems to enable flexible handling. This article describes and exemplifies the requirements to be met for the application of such technology and the potential relevant benefits of image processing.

1 Roof tile transfer

One classic example for the use of an image processing system is the removal of roof tiles from a feed belt and their accurate positioning in H-cassettes. If the incoming bricks are not all of a single description, some form of model recognition is indispensable.

The robot therefore needs the support of a camera system. That necessary investment, in turn, provides a basis for further automation, so that no mechanical devices are needed for aligning the bricks prior to pick-up. The transfer off of a moving conveyor belt not only helps optimize the cycle time, but also enables...

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