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Cleia takes over Ceric

The French engineering company Cleia, newly associated with its Belgian partner Ceratec, has finalized the acquisition of Ceric Technologies. ...



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Interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Schäffer, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, WesterWaldCampus, Höhr-Grenzhausen

Innovation is essential to survival

In Zi 6, 7, 8/2015, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Schäffer of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences introduced his concept for extensive energy conservation in the brick and tile industry. ...

Interview with Johannes Edmüller, Managing Partner at Schlagmann Poroton GmbH & Co. KG, Zeilarn, Germany

Success in the future is determined today!

With the building of a research and development centre, the clay brick manufacturer Schlagmann Poroton has invested in the future. As well as exploring developments for new high-performance bricks, the Schlagmann researchers are also focussing on ...


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