Sacmi Group posts another record result in 2015

With sales totalling € 1.354 bill. and a net result higher than that of the previous year by some € 3 mill., Sacmi has, for the second year running, posted one of the best results in its history.

2015 was also characterized by the positive effects of the special transactions completed in previous years, for example acquisition of shares in Cosmec amongst other things.

Almost 90 % of sales were generated outside Italy. Sacmi has utilized policies aimed at boosting synergy between Group companies on all the main markets and made pivotal investments in more promising nations (from Africa to the Far East, from the USA to South America). The Group’s manufacturing and sales policies were also aimed at ensuring the different geographic regions make a balanced contribution to consolidated Group sales.

A key strategic decision in 2015 was that establishing a new branch of Sacmi USA in Tennessee; recently inaugurated, this facility will provide after-sales support for key projects realized in this region by numerous Italian firms.

Equally positive – upon final balance – were the results of the Group’s Latin American companies (Sacmi de Mexico and Sacmi do Brasil), while in Asia the growing dynamism of the Indian market – with excellent results from Sacmi Engineering India – have been counter-balanced by a slowdown of the Chinese market, to which Sacmi is responding with ever-greater attentiveness to efficiency and costs. In any event, the Group’s presence in the Far East remains strategic as markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand become more and more important for all the sectors in which Sacmi operates.

Another defining feature of 2015 was the continuing development of the African market in the North (Egypt, Algeria and Morocco), in South Africa and especially in Central Africa, with direct investment also on the rise in non-traditional outlet markets.

2016 will see Sacmi head decisively in the direction of Industry 4.0, the “factory of the future”. Sacmi also aims to found, at the Imola-based parent company, an “Academy 4.0” dedicated to training its own staff as well as customers’ and partners’ employees.

Sacmi Imola S.c.r.l.


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