Sacmi supplies new rapid dryer to Ceramica Mayor SA.

Alicante-based Ceramica Mayor SA., the well-known Spanish manufacturer of extruded ceramic products, has a long history of developing new products and has always shown a strong interest in technological improvements. Now, with Sacmi, it has concluded a significant project that focuses on the large-size products.

This working partnership was sealed with the signing of a new contract for the supply of an innovative rapid roller dryer complete with handling system for extruded ceramic products.

This latest line is the result of careful, detailed joint analysis by technicians from both Ceramica Mayor and Sacmi. Drawing on Sacmi’s extensive expertise, Ceramica Mayor can rely on cutting-edge plant engineering solutions and the best technical support on the market.

At the core of the new line is the multi-layer roller dryer for extruded products that allows a wide range of items to be dried in very short times and with outstanding output capacity, flexibility and excellent final product quality. Sacmi-developed roller dryer technology is based on forced-draught ventilation with air flow over all product surfaces and step-type adjustment of the drying stages thanks to modular construction, with independent control and adjustment of each module. Completing the order is a handling system that stretches from the cutter outfeed to the kiln inlet and passes through dryer feed, storage transfer and decoration, thus allowing the manufacturer Ceramica Mayor to produce all products from small floor tiles to large (and hollow) sizes up to a maximum length of 3 m (fired).

Sacmi Imola S.c.r.l.


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