José Díaz, Managing Director of Procesadora de Arcilla, La Chorrera, Barrio Colón, Panama

Successful with new products in Panama

Procesadora de Arcilla (Procarsa), La Chorrera, Barrio Colón, is a leading manufacturer of clay bricks and roofing tiles in Panama. Along with four other companies, it is part of the Productos Maribel Group. Procarsa was founded in 2000 and currently employs 95 people in production as well as ten administrative staff. On two production lines, around 300 t can be manufactured daily, corresponding to an annual production capacity of 80 000 to 95 000 t ceramic products. José Díaz has been the manager and process technician since the founding of the company and has worked for the Group for more than 20 years. He spoke to us about his experience with Morte, the Spanish die supplier.

What products do you make?

J.D.: At Procesadora de Arcilla, we adapt to the specific needs of the construction projects we’re working on. For this reason, we have an extensive variety of construction products, such as vertical hollow bricks, tongue and groove blocks, facing bricks, conical and type “S” roofing tiles, all of which are manufactured in compliance with the COPANIT standard (Panamanian Commission for Industrial Standards and Techniques).


How will the construction industry in Panama develop in the near future, especially with regard to the Canal expansion?

J.D.: Competition in Panama...

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