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CF1FC dies combine the benefits of large-exit extrusion (Tecnofiliere CF1 and CF2 dies), and the innovative features of the CF1FC and CF2FC models. The exclusive Tecnofiliere large-exit system enables an increase in the output section thanks to the affixing of an extrusion cone between the frame and the die holder. This allows a significant increase in the hourly production capacity, together with a high product quality standard and a significant reduction in the specific energy consumption. Thanks to the larger exit section, it is possible to extrude at a reduced speed: this also ensures limited wear of the die components, owing to the lower friction. The larger section allows the use of multiple-exit dies. Furthermore, the modular design of the CF1FC dies considerably lengthens their total lifetime as only the worn modules need to be replaced. All the components, including bridges, are in fact made by machining or with CNC machines, which ensures high dimensional stability and enables perfect reproducibility over time. The clay conveying cone inside the die has also been made entirely by machining. With powerful software for three-dimensional calculation, it can be derived directly from the thickness of the die holder and the frame holders. The frames and anchors can be made from chromed steel or tungsten carbide, a special material with high toughness and hardness (1950HV) to withstand the high wear during the extrusion process.

Hall A5, Stand 081


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