Tecnofiliere supplying the Algerian Amouri Group again

With the signing of further contracts with the Amouri Group, Tecnofiliere S.r.l. is reinforcing its leading position as a supplier of dies, pressure heads and extrusion equipment in Algeria.

With almost 20 production lines for hollow bricks in the size 10 x 20 cm and 15 x 20 cm as well as ceiling blocks, the Amouri Group, based in Biskra, is one of the leading brick manufacturers in Algeria. For years, the Amouri Group has trusted Tecnofiliere S.r.l. on the basis of its high-quality products and after-sales service, which ensure a quick start-up of machines and high-quality bricks.

Tecnofiliere S.r.l. supplied to Amouri Group the latest technology in dies, the model CF1-FC with double regulation system for better adjustment of the clay flow, hard chromed plated wearing parts and special hard metal cores and frames. Especially these last two elements, very important for stabilizing the weight and quality of bricks, have demonstrated a longer lifetime compared to all other inserts available on the market. Pressure heads made of hard steel with external regulation systems and die-washing machines, model TF1000 EVO, completed the recent 2013–2014 supplies to the Amouri Group, which is now using more than 50 dies supplied by Tecnofiliere.


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