The “new” Cerro Negro Group relies on Tecnofiliere

Canteras Cerro Negro is an Argentine group of companies headquartered in Buenos Aires. It has a history dating back more than 100 years, merging four previously independent companies involved in the brick industry: Ladrillos Losa Olavarria, Cormela, Superglass and Arcillas Mediterraneas. Pursuing a constant investment policy to develop new products, technologies and projects has made Cerro Negro one of the most cutting-edge, leading groups in Latin America.

All four plants are fitted with modern equipment and infrastructures that assure a brick production able to meet the high industrial standards demanded on the world market. They offer a broad product portfolio to satisfy different segments in building ceramics. Of vital importance is the Group’s commitment to quality, together with strategic cooperation with suppliers such as the Italian company Tecnofiliere, which has been supplying the plants with dies and pressure heads since the mid-1990s.

Tecnofiliere S.R.L.


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