Bongioanni Stampi supplies extruders to Algeria

The Italian company, Bongioanni Stampi recently strengthened its presence in Algeria, completing projects involving both existing and new plants. These include in the region of Bordj Bou Arredij orders from companies such as Briquelive Bourhali, Ardj Bordj Guerrouache and Sarl MNTB Meshas. State-of-the-art extrusion equipment with multiple die exits was supplied for the production of B8, B12 and hourdis formats. The extruders are equipped with special pressure heads and conical extrusion dies of the type Omega and Gamma Plus, as well as frames and cores produced using the special wear- and corrosion-resistant materials BST01 and BST02. Beside the frames and cores, all components of Omega extrusion die that come into direct contact with clay are made from abrasion-resistant materials. Particularly, the columns of the core-support-bridge specifically developed by Bongioanni Stampi’s technicians were built completely with an NC system with a square cross-section, in order to achieve the highest precision and enable the use of special materials only available in the form of plate on the market. Moreover, the bridges have been coated with high-thickness hard chromium. In the new high-performance brake lubrication system with external regulation, lubricators and sliding bars made with Teflon with brakes made of thick thermally treated steel ensure a better braking incidence.

Completing the package are modern and wear resistant piece-writing-wheels in stainless steel with replaceable rubber inserts and new kits for calibration of the extrusion die. The setting device for extrusion die maintenance facilitates the work of the plant operator both during production and maintenance.

Bongioanni Stampi has also developed and produced integrated extrusion equipment for other factories such as Eurl Touati in the Guelma region, Briqueterie Djabrj in Touggourt and Briqueterie Rehia near Algiers.


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