Bongioanni Stampi successful on the Argentine market

The recent supply of extrusion equipment to the Argentine companies Cerámica Santiago (Santiago del Estero), Cerámica del Norte (Salta), Palmar Mar del Plata (Mar del Plata) and Cerámica Ctibor (Buenos Aires) are impressive testimony to Bongioanni Stampi S.r.l.’s strengthened position on this market. The Italian supplier is a preferred partner for the Argentine clay brick industry, offering solutions for specific problems and to meet special requirements with regard to extrusion equipment.

Bongioanni Stampi offers equipment for extruders for the complete range of products made by the Argentine clay brick industry (bricks, blocks and Hourdis), with Omega extrusion dies, one of the most innovative extrusion dies currently available on the market. All components of Omega dies in direct contact with clay are made in anti-abrasion materials. Particularly, the columns of the core-support-bridge are built completely with an NC system with a square section, in order to use the anti-abrasion steels that are only available on the market as whole sheets. In addition, special attention was paid to the welding process, which is only applied where necessary, by means of TIG casting with electrode finishing. The new lubrication system for the brakes with external regulation is very interesting as it features external lubricators and sliding bars in Teflon where the brakes can slide. The brakes are made with increased thickness for better braking incidence.

The product range is rounded off with the modern piece-marking wheels in stainless steel with dismountable rubber inserts with high resistance to wear and tear and by the extrusion pressure-heads in anti-abrasion steel, which are also available with a coating in cast polyamide modified with additives, enabling excellent self-lubricating qualities and remarkable wear resistance (particularly suitable for very plastic and less sliding clays). The supplied pressure-heads are specifically optimized for each single customer, based on consideration of the correct ratio of the most important parameters (entry diameter, exit port, length and inclinations), to achieve uniformity of push and pressure.


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