Important investments for Bongioanni Stampi

At the beginning of the year, Bon gioanni ­Stampi ended work on the new offices and the extension of the production facilities. The work began in 2008 and brought the covered surface to around 10 000 m2. At the same time, Bongioanni Stampi increased its range of machine tools, adding a water-jet cutter and a very sophisticated machine for the production of cores and details for extrusion dies and moulds. The total investment reached just under € 5 000 000.

Thanks to these investments, Bongioanni Stampi can now operate more dynamically not only in the production of moulds for roofing tiles, the company’s traditional market segment, but also in the production of extrusion dies for bricks and all other extruded brick products. In this new field started by Bongioanni Stampi only a few years ago, the company has already enjoyed notable successes with regard to sales volume and technical achievements (e.g. the innovative “Omega” extrusion die). Thanks to its partnership with Bongioanni Macchine, the company was able to draw on comprehensive know-how in this field and guarantee its customers the highest quality for both pressed and extruded pro­ducts.

An additional motive for the extension of the production facilities was the increase storage space for the casting models and equipment that have been collected over the years (3 000 mould models so far), enabling ­Bongioanni Stampi to supply the customers with assistance and spare-parts, even decades after the first delivery, a feature that distinguishes Bongioanni Stampi from the rest of the market.


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