14 to 19 January 2019, Munich

The key topics, forums and special shows at BAU 2019

BAU 2019, taking place between January 14 and 19, 2019, will be a real XXL event. Because it will include the two brand new exhibition halls, C5 and C6, which increase the capacity of the Messe München exhibition centre to around 200 000 square metres. BAU 2019 will be taking up all of this space – 18 halls in total. It will be the biggest BAU ever.

The four key topics of BAU 2019 set the pace and arrange the diversity of products:

Digital: Processes + Architecture

Connected: Living + Working

Integrated: Systems + Constructions

Smart: Light + Buildings

Many exhibitors will align their presentations to them and offer matching solutions. The key topics will be elucidated and discussed under different aspects at the trade show forums and illustrated at the special shows on the basis of product and project examples.


The high-calibre lectures given in the BAU forums have become very important. Experts from all over the world, including numerous prominent planners and architects, provide answers to the big questions about the future of building.
The key themes will be: digitalization, urban living and light in architecture.

Series or module-based construction is making great advances. The industrialization of the building sector is continuing, prefabrication processes are once again accepted. Rapid assembly on site, plannability of costs and time, and certified quality and guarantees are making prefabrication in the factory increasingly interesting to planners. Efficiency does not, however, exclude individuality. From wall blocks to pre-installed wall modules and whole houses – there is a wide variety in series-produced (building) products. Examples presented in Forum A4 show that series production is more than mass production and that it should be understood as a process. That series construction is also an option in renovation and modernization work, is emphasized in the lectures in Forum B0.

Looking into the future: the special shows at BAU 2019

As well as in the presentations by the exhibitors, the key themes of BAU 2019 (Processes + Architecture, Living + Working, Systems + Constructions, Light + Buildings) will be explored and illustrated in a number of special shows, from different angles and focusing on different aspects. For this BAU is working with well-known partners. Here is an overview.

- “TripleS building components”

- “Spaces for living in the future”

- “Sustainable is the new normal”

- “Smart living”

BAU 2019


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