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Schloss Fürstenau is recrowned

Schloss Fürstenau in Domleschg, Switzerland, has been wakened from its Sleeping Beauty slumber. Following extensive refurbishment, it now lives up to its heritage as the former residence of the prince...


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Craven Fawcett

Northcot Brick orders robotic gripper head

Craven Fawcett, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of clay preparation machinery and part of Group Rhodes, is working in close collaboration with Sabo as the UK distributor of the Greek plant...

Morte optimizes die at La Pastoriza

Optimization as a way of living

The Argentinian company La Pastoriza is one of the leading companies in the production of ceramic bricks and hollow blocks.Founded in 1953 in the province of Buenos Aires by the Rico family, the brick...


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Ibstock, Leicestershire, UK

Ultra-modern facing brick plant for Ibstock

In Ibstock, near Leicester in the Midlands, UK, one of the most modern brick plants in the world has been started up this year for the production of façade bricks. Keller HCW supplied the new plant,...



Lots going on in late autumn

Würzburg’s calling and everyone’s following the call! And so that all those interested can actually attend the Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course, one key change has been made: the course is ...


International News

Personalia | Personalien

Hans Marks has retired

On 21 September, TKCI together with many invited guests bid farewell to Hans Marks as he took his retirement.For nearly 41 years, Hans Marks worked for TCKI, the ceramic research institute and...


Technical News | Technische Neuheiten

Generating industrial heat with biogenic fuel

Newly developed bio-multi-fuel burner

In a joint research project, the Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e. V. (GWI) and the OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut (OWI) have designed, manufactured and tested a combined biofuel burner for the generation of ...


Technical Paper | Fachbeitrag

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Butenweg, Marko Marinković M.Sc., Thomas Kubalski M.Sc., Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ekkehard Fehling, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Pfetzing M.Sc., Dr.-Ing. Udo Meyer

Design of reinforced concrete enclosures infilled with clay block masonry (Part 2)

Within the scope of the joint European project INSYSME, the German partners developed two systems - IMES and INODIS -  for improving the seismic behaviour of masonry infilled reinforced concrete...

Dr.-Ing. Hans Marks

Findings from the new hybrid dryer project

For the ceramic industry, reducing CO2 emissions and achieving the necessary savings on energy will require extensive effort and significant investment volumes. A new type of dryer developed at TCKI,...


Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course | Würzburger Ziegellehrgang

Die casting of special shaped bricks

Accessory roof tiles that cannot be produced by pressing are either luted by hand and “cemented“ by firing or cast by hand with very long setting times.However, such a complicated production process...


Production work in the future 

Digitalization is changing every facet of our life. With the increasing application of digital technologies in production and related work areas, new forms of socio-technical work systems are...


Robotized cutting technology

With brick quality criteria becoming ever more stringent, new brickhandling methods are inevitably required.That also entails certain changes in the production of special-purpose clay masonry units,...


KBIS – Keller Bolt Information System

Digital transformation is currently a hot topic in the further evolution of industrial manufacturing. Digitization opens up new fields of activity for industrial enterprises and provides new service...


Extending the service life of H-cassettes

Refratechnik Ceramics has developed a base frame that minimizes spalling on H-cassettes, thus increasing their service life accordingly.Since the materials of which existing kiln-car superstructures...


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