Strategic partnership between Wienerberger and Interbran

Wienerberger explores innovative insulating materials and

The Wienerberger Group, one of the leading building material producers in Europe, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Interbran Group, a specialist in innovative materials and technologies. Together, the two companies intend to develop new and sustainable materials with optimal insulating features. Based on successful application tests and pilot projects, industrial production of these high-performance insulating materials is to be started as soon as the products are ready for market introduction. 

Founded in 2013, the Interbran Group specializes in the development of innovative materials for new applications in industry, building construction, medicine and environment-friendly applications.Through intensive research and development activities, the Interbran Group has succeeded in developing materials with insulating features which by far exceed those of other products currently available on the market. These innovative insulating materials are made of mineral raw materials with high-performance additives. Given their excellent thermal-insulation values, they can be applied in thinner layers; they are non-combustible and, being of natural origin, have a positive influence on the indoor climate. Thus, they are well suited for a variety of applications for walls, facades and roofs in both new construction and renovation. Owing to their mineral components, these products not only help to reduce energy consumption and increase fire safety, but can also be fully recycled and/or safely disposed of at the end of the product life cycle. Professor Kurt Schümchen, co-founder of the Interbran Group: “We are happy to have found a partner in Wienerberger AG who is open to research on innovative materials based on the most advanced technology. Thanks to Wienerberger’s industrial expertise, we will be able to speed up the market launch of innovative and, above all, non-combustible products for a broad range of wall, facade and roof applications.”

Supported by the Wienerberger Group’s industrial know-how, Interbran’s innovative solutions are to be developed to market maturity. Subsequently the insulation material will be produced and marketed at a pilot production site.

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