Occupational health and safety: Prevention in the brick and tile industry

In recent decades, thanks to various preventive approaches, it has been possible to substantially reduce accidents in the ceramic industry.

Nevertheless, serious and even fatal accidents still occur during work in ceramic companies. Here, accidents with machinery in extraordinary operating conditions and maintenance as well as the manipulation of existing safety devices are currently playing a significant role. Beyond technical developments, organization of occupational health and safety is a key aspect for the design of working conditions as well as prevention of occupational accidents and occupationally related health hazards. Central elements are hazard assessment including the derived measures as well as operating instructions and the training of employees. In operational practice, managers hold great responsibility for occupational safety on account of the statutory conditions.

The paper will contribute to increasing the awareness of specialists and managers with regard to their responsibility for occupational health and safety.

Dr. Isabella Marx, VBG Würzburg


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