A next generation maintenance system –

The future lies in digitization

Digitization is giving rise to rapid, radical change. Any company that fails to invest in digital technologies in good time will be in danger of missing the boat.   Händle, though, being quick to recognize the potential of digitization, has a next-generation maintenance system in use. The PM-MAINT service tool facilitates maintenance and planning, thus ensuring more efficient production processes as an important factor in securing long-term economic success. Here at Händle, we asked ourselves the big question: What can be done to guarantee optimal maintenance? The answer: a proactive tool with which to monitor all preventive and corrective maintenance of Händle equipment while guaranteeing clear-cut spare parts management in all detail. With this tool, unscheduled outages and loss of production can be avoided. Maintenance-time expenditures can be minimized via targeted time and material management, and that, in turn, will cut labour costs.

The tool‘s operation is individually configurable to meet each customer‘s own requirements. Take, for example, the visual implementation of an optical display for indicating degrees of wear according to the traffic-light principle. The thusly established status can be forwarded to a previously determined recipient by means of a simple text message.

Dietmar Heintel, Jürgen Mahler, Händle GmbH


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