Händle Service Sp.z.o.o. turns 10

Ten years ago, effective September 11, 2003, Händle established a Polish subsidiary called Händle Service Sp.z.o.o. in Toru ´n, Poland. Now, with a staff of 13, that same subsidiary is providing regeneration services and an array of new parts to most of Poland‘s heavy clay producers. Turu ´n‘s specialized staff received their dedicated training directly at Händle Headquarters in Mühlacker.

The company‘s administration building and a big production hall (approx. 1 000 m2) are located in the Toru ´n industrial estate. That is where all the welding work, including regeneration jobs, and machining operations are performed – not just on Händle -built machines, but on non-Händle machines, as well.

“Here in Toru ´n”, says Händle Service Sp.z.o.o. managing director Dietmar Heintel, “we are located in Poland‘s geographic heartland, roughly 200 km northwest of Warsaw. This central location gives us quick access to our customers and helps us give them best-possible, on-the-spot assistance.”

The necessarily wide range of spare parts and corresponding services, such as field assembly and service technician assignments, are all in place for the Polish market. Robert Szczepanski, the Polish subsidiary‘s general manager, affirms: “We are very happy to be celebrating our plant‘s tenth anniversary. Since we collaborate very closely with our colleagues in Mühlacker, we attached special importance to hosting this year‘s Händle Marketing Partner Meeting in Toru ´n this September. We take pride in noting that our international colleagues said they were very impressed.” In the medium term, this Händle subsidiary will be training additional service technicians for deployment on the East European market. After all, the goal is to become even more firmly established and to minimize the distance to the customers requiring Händle’s services.

The essential service scope provided by Händle’s Polish subsidiary encompasses:

› regeneration of mixer and extruder augers
› fabrication of new augers and barrel liners
› mobile services/service technicians
› repair/assembly/installation
› overhauls for used machines

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