Turnkey Project with Forterra

Forterra PLC, one of the largest brick manufacturers in the UK confirmed in 2019 its intention to take a very significant step forward with the UK construction sector in mind, investing £95 million in a new super plant at its Desford site in Leicestershire. In order to keep current production levels during construction, the existing plant will be kept operational while the new one is built alongside. The current plant output is 85 million bricks per year and the new will be capable of producing 180 million bricks per year.

Bedeschi, based in Padova, Italy, and operating worldwide since 1908, feels honoured and proud to be chosen by Forterra for such an important turnkey project, confirming once again its leading position in the marketplace, being able to offer a fully integrated in-house solution from clay preparation, shaping, drying, firing, haulage and automation up to the packaging line, all from a single source, explained the Italian company. Over the next couple of years, both Forterra and Bedeschi Teams will work as one, bringing this project to a successfully conclusion, the two companies announced. To enable a closer presence in the UK Market, Bedeschi UK was formed at the end last year, adding one more subsidiary to the Group.

According to Bedeschi, the new plant will be the largest and most efficient in Europe, producing 180 million bricks per year and significantly reducing the carbon impact of each brick manufactured on the site compared with the current factory. The bricks produced will be sufficient to build around 24,000 family homes on average in the UK annually. The plant will be built using the most advanced technologies, state-of-the-art automation, with particular focus on world class manufacturing techniques and class leading environmental technologies. The plant is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022 and will increase the overall production capability of Forterra‘s brick division by 16 %.


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