Welcome to the 61st Clemson Brick Forum

This year’s Clemson Brick Forum will be held from 5 to 7 October in ­Anderson, South Carolina. The Forum will start with a seminar on raw materials on Monday, 5 October. After a comprehensive introduction to raw materials, attendees will be able to discuss raw material issues with a panel of experts.

This year‘s technical program will consist of three thematic sessions. The first of these will be “Opportunities and Challenges for the Clay Brick ­Industry”. A number of invited speakers will discuss current building code issues that impact the use of clay brick, including energy, permeability, and sustainability. While some may consider these issues challenges, others will find opportunities for innovation. The second session will be on “Environmental Health and Safety”. The MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) Rule for the brick industry should be published by the US EPA just prior to the Forum, making this session especially relevant. Updates on silica regulation and mercury testing will also be included.

The Forum will conclude with a session on “Plant Upgrades and Best Practices”. These talks have always been the heart of the Forum. The first new plant construction in some time will also be reviewed along with a number of talks on other recent developments. Given the number of new people who have entered the Industry in the last few years, a number of best practice presentations on extrusion and reducing extrusion defects, cutting brick, drying and firing will be given by experts in the field.

Our traditional hospitality program and Steak Cookout will again be a part of the Forum. As program director for the ­Clemson Brick Forum, I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to attend and participate in this event. Registration, accommodation, and program information are available at www.brickandtile.org/­forum/

John P. Sanders, Ph.D., PE
Director, The National Brick Research Center


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