ZMB Braun transitions to the next generation

Having held the reins of ZMB Braun for more than forty years, Horst Rank is pleased to announce that his son, Christian Rank, has taken over as Managing Director from May 2012.

Horst Rank was responsible for the expansion of ZMB Braun, leading to its worldwide client base and played a key role in developing much of the company’s innovative technology. Christian Rank is keen to follow in his father’s footsteps and further strengthen ZMB Braun’s position as a worldwide player in the design and production of extrusion tools for the ­ceramics industry.

Christian Rank’s vision is to build on ZMB Braun’s global presence by strengthening the existing sales team to add further language skills while maintaining the strong technical knowledge that exists today: “It is critical we maintain and strengthen our presence in existing markets but we have also created an exciting strategy for markets we want to develop over the next few years.” As part of these changes, ZMB Braun recently announced the addition of a new Technical Consultant to specialize in the French- and Italian-speaking countries. Rank adds: “I also see that it is critical to our success to upgrade our customer service levels and this is an area we are focussing on.”

ZMB Braun has a strong history of being innovative and this is a trend Christian Rank wants to maintain: “We do not want to stand still in terms of technical developments especially as my father and great-grandfather always took huge pride in developing new solutions for the ceramic industry. We are actively working on a number of new developments which we hope will bring huge advantages for our clients.”

In addition to the wide range of products ZMB Braun offers to the ceramic industry, it is also taking steps to expand its Technical Ceramics division. Rank: “This is an important growth area for ZMB Braun and helps us to strengthen our global presence and better utilize our relationships and resources worldwide.”


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