14.10.2010 Saie 2010 - Cuore Mostra

New format and a dedicated "Plaza"

Cuore Mostra has been one of the main cultural events at Saie for many years: an "event in event" that has always focused attention on the most important themes in the building industry.
In 2010, Coure Mostra has both a new format and new discussion contents, which offer:

" International Conference: From the visible to the invisible-Form Technology Performance (Friday 29 October, from 10 AM to 1 PM, Sala Link, Hall 15/20), with speakers Ole Gustavsen, Snohetta, Oslo; Chris Wilkinson, WILKINSON EYRE ARCHITECTS, London; Finn Geipel and Giulia Landi Lin, Berlin, and coordination by Riccardo Roda, Technical Advisory Committee for Saie Cuore Mostra; " a series of Seminars held in Cuore Mostra Plaza that express needs, problems, and possible solutions. The Plazas are one of the many new features of Saie 2010: 12 meeting places that are "poles of attraction" for everyone who wants to discuss today's building industry
Cuore Mostra Plaza is set up in Hall 25 and hosts a series of seminars sharing the slogan Integrating to build: innovation, design, production, building and urban management. Here, for three days, experts, architects, and industry representatives will discuss one of the most important subjects in building: integrating knowledge, professionals, skills, and systems. One of the paths the industry must take to overcome the recent crisis and to achieve the leap in quality awaited for many years.
The first seminar, on Wednesday 27 October, is Technological projects, industrialization, prefabrication. Today, from 10 AM to 1 PM; an analysis of building industrialization and prefabrication in light of recent technological advances, with special attention to problems regarding sustainability. Organized by Giuseppe Biondo, editor of "Modulo" magazine.
The same day, from 3 to 6 PM, the seminar Integrating to build in disintegrated cities will cover subjects such as urban renewal that respects the rules of sustainability and the possibility of building truly integrated projects. Organized by Carlo Monti, Faculty of Engineering, Bologna University, and by Maria Rosa Ronzoni, Faculty of Engineering Bergamo University.

On Thursday 28 October, from 10 AM to 1 PM, Saie presents the seminar Sustainable strategies for school buildings: integrating energy efficiency and environmental quality, which will present sustainable design and building strategies for school buildings that integrate high levels of energy efficiency and functionality. Organized by Andrea Boeri, with Ernesto Antonini, Faculty of Architecture, Bologna University.
From 3 to 6:30 PM, the seminar Sustainability through strategic choices and technology offers a series of case studies to present the most recent technical-design advances applied to the field of sustainability. Organized by Marco Visconti, Studio Aedas Visconti.

On Friday 29 October, the series of seminars is closed by Saie: Innovation and more, devoted to "Servizio Novità," the initiative that Saie has offered since 2004, with all of the new products and ideas presented by exhibitors during Saie. After seven years, it is time to reflect, along with producers and architects, on the current state of technological innovation in Italy and on the ability of industry operators to manage such innovation, with specific reference to the market's "assimilation" of new materials and building systems. Organized by Valeria Tatano and Massimo Rossetti, Faculty of Architecture, IUAV University of Venice.

In Cuore Mostra Plaza at 1 PM on Thursday 28 October, Prof. Sergio Vega of Politecnica University of Madrid, scientific director of SDE Solar Decathlon Europe (European edition of the Solar Decathlon competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy), discusses the initiative with representatives of Bologna University, especially with regard to the 2012 edition.

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