03.08.2009 News: Saie Selection 09 Competition and Saienergia Blog: energy at centre stage

Successful beyond all expectations, Saie Selection 09, "Low cost & low energysustainable housing," the competition organized by BolognaFiere and Archi-Europe, will conclude during Saienergia, the exhibition devoted to energy efficiency in building, at the45 thedition of Saie, from 28 to 31 October 2009.

The competition - www.archi-europe.com/archi-saie-awards - focuses attention on subjectssuch as energy efficiency and reduced consumption in low-cost housing projects, and isopen to two categories: young architects(under 45) and students enrolled in architectureand engineering faculties. Accepted designs (for both new construction and restoration) must emphasise sustainability (in the choice of materials and building systems), paymaximum attention to energy efficiency (by means of solutions aimed at saving as well asactive energy-generation technologies), and have low completion cost (compatible with maximum costs provided for social housing in the country where the project will be built). With reference to principal technologies, the designs may be submitted in one of fourcategories: metal&glass, brick, wood, and concrete.

24 designs (12 for the young architect category and 12 for the student category) will be selected by an international jury composed of:

• architect Mario Cucinella (Mario Cucinella Architects - Bologna) - Chairman

• architect Christine Conix (Conix Architects - Anversa);

• architect Alessandro Marata (Chairman of the Bologna Architects Association andrepresentative of the National Council of Architects);

• Prof. Brian Ford (School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham).

In addition: Prof. Massimo Majowiecki (Venice University School of Architecture) for themetal&glass category; architect Cino Zucchi (Cino Zucchi Architetti - Milan) for the brick category, and Prof. Enzo Siviero (Venice University School of Architecture) forthe concrete category, as recommended by ACAI (Associazione Costruttori in Acciaio Italiani), ANDIL (Associazione Nazionale degli Industriali dei Laterizi) and ATECAP (Associazione TecnicoEconomica del Calcestruzzo Preconfezionato), respectively.

Over 100 designs have been submitted to the technical secretary, convincing theorganizers to extend the deadline for delivery of materials to 16 August. All of the selected designs will be exhibited at the special show at the SAIE Service Centre; thewinners in the architect category will present their work at a seminar, while the winners inthe student category will be invited to participate in the "Energy of architecture"workshop, both coordinated by Mario Cucinella.

For several weeks, Mario Cucinella has been managing the re-opened Saienergia blog saienergiablog.bolognafiere.it/, which deals with all matters concerning sustainable designand building, from materials to techniques, trends to technological innovation, and lets architects, industry professionals, and private citizens interact directly with experts by means of open discussions and targeted questions. Ranging from specific technologies to possible concepts of “sustainable city,” the blog presents and discusses –throughout Saie – the ideas and opinions of people whobelieve that contemporary building is a great opportunity to save energy and reduce consumption.

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