20.09.2010 News: Saie Selection 2010 - the winners have been chosen

On Wednesday, 8 September, the jury selected the winners of the contest “Saie Selection 2010. Integrate to build – Highly integrated innovative and sustainable buildings” at BolognaFiere.


Now in its second edition, Saie Selection received over 200 projects from 36 countries (including – in addition to all European countries - Bangladesh, Cyprus, Egypt, Japan, India, Israel, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Russia, Qatar, Tunisia, and Ukraine): an outstanding international showcase for young and talented students, designers, and architects who presented examples of integrated architecture, the theme of Saie 2010.


Three projects were selected for each of the two categories (architects under 40 and students) and for each of the four sections (metal&glass, brick, wood, and concrete), for a total of 24 projects.


The jury, chaired by architect Mario Cucinella, was composed of architect Jean-Michel Jaspers of M. & J-M. Jaspers – J. Eyers & Partners, architect Alessandro Marata, chairman of the Order of Architects of Bologna and representative of the National Council of Architects, architect Marco Magni, appointed by Andil for brick technologies, professor Andrea Benedetti of Bologna University, appointed by ACAI for metal technologies, professor Francesco Biasioli of the Engineering Faculty of Politecnico of Turin, appointed by Atecap for concrete technologies, and architect Valeria Marsaglia of Giarch.


The jury praised the very high quality of the projects (even higher than in 2009), with a series of “futuristic” and original proposals presented especially in the “students” category. Among the trends seen was the now well-established practice of integrating architectural designs with technical ideas and elements that ensure energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and energy saving, no matter what materials are used, and emphasising a versatile and elegant architectural style.


The awards ceremony will take place at Saie 2010, to be held at BolognaFiere from 27 to 30 October; the winners in the four sections in the “architects” category will present their work during a seminar coordinated by Mario Cucinella, while those in the “students” category will participate in the workshop “Integrate with Energy.” An exhibit in Piazza dell’Energia (Hall 14) with all 24 selected works will be open throughout Saie 2010.

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