VAN optimizes industrial heat treatment processes

Development of new magnetic relief valve from Elster Kromschröder

The tried-and-tested Elster Kromschröder valVario family is growing. Its latest members are the magnetic relief valves from the VAN series. The field of application includes all gas safety trains for natural gas, LPG (gaseous), biologically produced methane or air, as well as other gas types, if required. Compared with its predecessors, the VAN valves, which are open when de-energized, offer a more compact design. In practice, this means space-saving installation as well as cost advantages. Other features that stand out are the check indication by a blue LED and the closed position switch (CPS) with visual indicator. In addition, there is an extensive range of variants available for different connection flanges (for pipes up to DN 50) and mains voltages. All the units are EC type-tested and certified.

Generally, the magnetic relief valve VAN enables the safe purging of excess or leakage gas. When used in conjunction with a visual discharge unit, it is designed to monitor gas valves for tightness. In the event of leaks, the gas creep is safely discharged via the roof.

A particularly interesting area of application drawn from the manufacturer’s specifications is for industrial annealing processes, for which an inert gas atmosphere must be generated. Whenever no hydrogen is needed, for an annealing bell for example, the gas solenoid valves VAS and the magnetic relief valve VAN are disconnected from the electrical power supply. The VAN opens. Under high pressure, nitrogen can now get between the two gas solenoid valves VAS. This prevents hydrogen from flowing into the furnace.


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