Joint project of the Keller Division

First German-Italian roof tile press DR 6-2400-IV-HA delivered to Girnghuber GmbH

400 t pressing force; 17.5 pressings per minute with four roof tiles (>10 tiles/m2) pressed at the same time. These are the main characteristics of the Rieter- Werke roof tile press DR 6-2400-IV-HA. It was supplied in mid-December 2010 to Girnghuber GmbH in Marklkofen to replace the existing 200-t press.

This or similar types of the roof tile press are already successfully operating all over the world. But this is the first roof tile press supplied to a customer that was built and assembled in its entirety at Morando S.L.R. in Asti/Italy according to the design documents of Rieter-Werke and that is equipped with a control system from Keller HCW.

Joint transnational project within the Keller division

With combined skills and expertise of Morando S.L.R, Rieter-Werke and Keller HCW GmbH, the roof tile press was improved. The hexagon structure of the press drum with a width of 2 400 mm was further reinforced by Morando S.L.R to be able to operate nearly free of deformations (smaller than 0.2 mm) even under extreme load. The hydraulic lifting device was reworked, the braking action of the disk brake was optimized and the Maltese cross was modified. Keller HCW optimized the existing structure of the control system and integrated the K-Matic on the basis of Siemens S7, thus being able to offer a universal control system from shaping to packing presented on a process control level. The already prominent features of the Rieter-Werke design were of course adopted. Especially noteworthy are drum widths from 1 600 mm to 2 400 mm, a pressing force of 400 t, the direct gear motor drive with brake that guarantees a high-precision transmission of movements and the generation of pressure via an eccentric shaft supported at six points, an already well-established feature for many years.

Within a very short time the press was installed in Marklkofen in December 2010. After a Christmas break of nearly three weeks, commissioning started in mid-January 2011. Already at the beginning of February, Girnghuber GmbH’s roof tile factory 2 could again resume its full production.

During the acceptance test for the press, Girnghuber GmbH paid special attention to the quality of the roof tile format that sets the highest demands to pressing. This roof tile is characterized by a very large surface outline, which complicates the flow behaviour of the clay material during pressing. With its increased pressing force of 400 t, the roof tile press passed the test with the required output, fulfilling the high quality standards of Girnghuber GmbH.


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