Dimitris Koiliaris, Entrepreneur of the Year Greece 2011 in the Innovation Sector

At an event organized by
Ernst & Young on 7 December at the Athens Concert Hall, Dimitris Koiliaris, Deputy Chairman and CEO of Sabo S.A, was named “Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2011.

Sabo S.A has grown over the last 28 years into one of the largest companies in its sector, designing and constructing integrated brick and tile production facilities. It is actively involved in more than 25 countries, with projects in Europe ­(Belgium, Romania, Russia), Asia ­(Turkey) and Africa (Algeria, Sudan). Its turnover in 2011 was close to € 34 mill., an increase of more than 20% on the previous year, allowing it to sustain healthy profit levels.

In his acceptance speech, Dimitris Koiliaris emphasized that “Life’s values and real satisfactions are not to be found in simply making do, but in setting oneself ambitious targets and striving to attain them”. The Entrepreneur of the Year awards were, he continued, an incentive for companies to try even harder. The award winner stressed the contribution of his entire team to his being chosen for the award.


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