Röben Polska Sp. z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp.k. places two orders with Lingl

Two in one go”, that’s what Lingl is supplying to Röben in Poland. At the site there, approx. 80 mill. pressed interlocking roofing tiles with appropriate accessories are produced each year.

For Plant 2 at S´   roda S´   la¸  ska, Lingl received an order for the supply and installation of an automatic unloading installation for kiln cars with downstream system for forming small packs and transport packages. Efficient robot technology will replace the former complex gripper-bridge system at this plant. This new technology will have a lower operating and maintenance requirement and ultimately contribute to saving operating costs.

The second order covers the delivery of an automatic packaging system for roofing tile accessories. In future the roof tile accessories produced at Plants 2 and 3 will be packaged on parallel lines in the new system in Plant 3. This section of the plant is also automated with robotic systems.


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