Jatopa residential complex in the west of Amsterdam

Köther, Salman, Koedijk Architects have transformed a former garden city into an urban environment with a wide range of possible uses. As part of the “future vision of the park city”, they have dared to flirt with contrasts. With individual heights of the eight buildings, the enclosed complex appears nevertheless open and transparent. Variegated bricks, sandy yellow and dark brown, like the grades accentuated with anthracite-coloured coal firing, or reddish brown and striking dark red, as well as elaborate ornaments play around the stark shapes of the block development. The subtle colour tones of the bricks with their varying shades emphasize the vibrant diversity in this leading city of the Netherlands and provide visual excitement down to the last details. With the distinctive patina of the bricks, the façades exude a timeless beauty – in harmony with the historically echoing emblems designed by the artist collective Studio Job.

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