Messersì Packaging

Besides strapping machines, the product range includes wrapping machines with extended film, hooding machines like the new SH51, thermo-shrinking machines and many others. All the machines are fitted with special safety devices. Thanks to their extreme versatility and reliability they can easily be integrated into existing automatic product handling and conveyor systems.

The strapping machines can be customized according to the specific customer requirements and feature very easy ­operation. The quality of the materials used guarantees high reliability even for companies with particular demanding work-cycles. The strapping machines are ideal for installation in all automated processes.

Shrinking machines with extended film for palletized products are available in several models. All machines boast high functionality, ease of use and reliability. The company offers customized solutions for packages with dimensions varying in height and length. The machine can be supplied with film reels of different heights: the machine automatically chooses the most appropriate reel size according to the pallet dimensions, thus ensuring cost optimization. Messersì supplies various models of user-friendly and reliable thermo-shrinking machines. Their compact size are another key asset.

The “SH51 shrink hooding machine” supplied by Messersì combines and synchronizes three distinct and independent operations (preparation of the hood, transport of the hood, hooding and heat shrinking) in one process. This minimizes the downtime of the various devices and ensures an exceptional level of productivity (up to 140 packs per hour).

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