Anyone can wrap it up – we pack it properly

Individual customer solutions as well as products and systems ensuring more efficiency and sustainability – true to this claim, the Beumer Group develops forward-looking intralogistics solutions like the high-performance Beumer stretch-hood packaging machine. This is successfully used in various industries – and now in the clay brick and tile industry too. Volker Feldmeyer, Business Development Manager at the Beumer Group, sees a growing market here.

What makes Beumer different from other suppliers of packaging solutions?
That makes me think of the phrase “Anyone can wrap it up – we pack it properly”. Naturally, our focus is on selling machines and equipment, but top priority is always customer satisfaction. We now have over 1000 high-performance Beumer stretch-hood packaging machines successfully in use in different industries. We’ve never had any complaints. If a customer approaches us, we don’t just sell him a machine. We develop a system solution customized to his requirements.
With this packaging solution, Beumer is very successful in...

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