Rotho‘s motto:

“Saving energy – always one step ahead”

Rotho is focusing wholly on the energy-saving potentials to be had by using Rotho products. Their green product support units and dryer cars, for example, are built in application of the SEC method to save energy by means of a lightweight, distortion-resistant type of design that significantly reduces the working weight to be heated.

The patented Quatro construction, for example, has been used in more than 50 chamber/continuous-flow dryer applications. Compared to brick-and-mortar structures, this prefab system unites high leaktightness with very good insulation and low stored-heat volumes.

Rotho‘s MixAir rotary fan with integrated guide wheel and energy-efficient motor was developed for the ventilation engineering sector. The Rotho MixAir rotary fan enables use of smaller motors for a given volumetric flow.

Rotho has invested special effort in recent years in moving their fast-drying technology forward. The resultant XStream quick dryer lets producers save 10 to 20% thermal energy and roughly 60% on electricity compared to conventional drying methods.

The particularly efficient EcoDry low-energy dryer is also based on rapid drying technology. With an EcoDry quick dryer, thermal energy consumption for drying can be reduced by approximately 70%. This is presently the only such pro-cess to offer such huge potentials for energy conservation in brickmaking.

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