New multiglaze 4–9 by Smac

Smac presented the successor model to the SIT series of centrifugal disc glazing booths, more than 1000 of which are in operation around the world.

The clou is, that the new multiglaze series with 4 or 9 centrifugal discs can be installed in place of the old SIT models without any need of conversion work. The new system has the following main merits:

› disc-glazing towers with adjustable angular attitude
› swing-open towers
› 180 ° adjustable side slingers
› disc packs fastened with four bolts
› complete exchange of motor, shaft and disc pack through swung-open towers
› waste glaze from transport belts confined to the booth
› easy cleaning thanks to roughly 700 mm/60 ° swingout angle of the booth‘s upper section
› amenable to use of automatic high-pressure cleaning equipment
› mechanical and pneumatic swingout component mounted at the back of the booth (hinged), enabling retraction and insertion without conversion, with supplementary running gear if not already available

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