New construction of the engobe and glaze plant at Feldhaus Klinker is completed

The conversion and new construction works valued at around 5 million € in the clinker strip plant at the headquarters of Feldhaus Klinker in Bad Laer are completed and the new installations have already been put into operation successfully. The modernization measures involved the new construction of a press plant with two production lines, the relocation of the angle strip production within the factory and the new construction of an engobe and glaze plant. The clinker strips leaving the new plant in future extend the range of strips by a large number of trend colours. With the new possibilities for surface refinement, special colours can be achieved on smooth surfaces with attractive soft colour blends. Even surfaces with an exquisite metallic lustre can be produced with the new plant. The target group for the engobed and glazed strips are primarily architects specialized in the design of representative structures. For the first time the plant offers the possibility of producing glazes individually in large piece numbers according to the concepts of the client. They are suitable for the interior design sector and also for use on external façades.

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