Highly dynamic handling of vitrified clay pipes

In the Middle East, vitrified clay pipes are often used for upgrading or expanding the existing infrastructure. Now, in Saudi Arabia, Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co. KG has implemented a new project based on the company‘s special customer/supplier relationship with Steinzeug-Keramo GmbH.


Vitrified clay pipe ­production

The moulding plant is part of a new facility for SVCP (­Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe Co.). What made this project so special was the form of cooperation between the concerned partners. Steinzeug-Keramo GmbH and Münstermann have been working together for many years on a hand-in-glove customer/supplier footing. For example, ­Münstermann recently finished completely modernizing Steinzeug-Keramo‘s production plant in Frechen. Steinzeug-Keramo has lots of experience with presses and, as a producer of vitrified clay pipes, also lots of know-how in the day-to-day operation of such equipment. So, when the inquiry arrived for the plant in Saudi Arabia, the company decided to bundle Münstermann‘s competence in plant engineering and project implementation with Steinzeug-Keramo‘s press and production know-how and submit a joint tender. The resultant plant solution is very convincing, particularly regarding the details of automation and the presses‘ integrated handling system.


Scope of project

The supplied plant consists of four individual moulding units and all the associated handling equipment. The pipes, including their bell ends, trimming and markings, are all produced directly at and by the presses, so the pipe need not be passed on to another trade for further handling but can instead be transferred directly from the press to the dryer car. The presses, including handling, are part of a complete new production plant.

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