Münstermann supplies transfer car for refractory bricks to RHI

Münstermann has developed and manufactured equipment for the refractories industry for quite some time now. One current material handling project is a transfer car for RHI, which is designed to carry high loads.

In the scope of the installation of a new kiln for refractory bricks, the handling periphery for feeding the kiln had to be modified. At the heart of this modification is a newly developed transfer car. The equipment not only encompasses the transfer car, which is designed to carry a load of 80 tonnes, but also the pulling mechanisms, peripheral equipment and the automation system. With two hydraulic pulling mechanisms, the shuttle kiln cars can be moved in both directions with up to 6 tonnes force. The finger cars can also be moved, and the bricks from the kiln cars can be loaded and unloaded directly onto the finger cars. A total of six cars can be moved at the same time with the transfer car.

Besides the technical advantages of the solution, other factors played a role in RHI awarding the contract to Münstermann. Special guarantee and service agreements (for example for wear parts) and especially confidence that Münstermann would meet the tight schedule ultimately clinched the deal.


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