Refratechnik Ceramics continues to expand activities on the Algerian market

The Algerian brick industry continues to rely on the refractory systems of Refra-technik Ceramics. The Refra-technik Ceramics products are technologically tailored to the needs of the Algerian customers and are therefore already implemented successfully in extensive parts of the Algerian market. While the kiln atmospheres generate high thermal and chemical strains, mechanical strains are triggered by the daily handling. Refratechnik supplies resistant and dimensionally accurate systems that stand up to these requirements. Customers can reduce their maintenance and reinvestment costs considerably with the long-lasting products.

Refratechnik was able to realise significant projects again in 2017 in collaboration with well-known plant manufacturers. For example, Refra-technik supplied the entire refractory equipment for walls, roof and 75 tunnel kiln cars via the plant manufacturer SABO SA for the new tunnel kiln of Sarl Briqueterie Souf, Reguiba in Algeria.

128 tunnel kiln car systems were provided for the Briqueterie Djedei, Touggourt for firing masonry bricks.

With the plant manufacturer, Ceritherm, a tunnel kiln car park consisting of 62 cars, was able to be equipped with high-grade materials in the hollow bricks plant at Mostefa Ben Brahim, Sidi Bel Abbes. Refratechnik supplied the refractory equipment for 58 tunnel kiln cars via the plant manufacturer Cleia SAS for the brick plant Ouchene, Remchi.

Refratechnik Ceramics is a global systems and service provider. The performance is not concluded with the delivery of the hardware. The customer also benefits from the valuable know-how that is provided for the assembly and maintenance of refractory systems.

Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH


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