Refratechnik Ceramics – Refractory Systems for the Ceramic Industry

For over 60 years, the heavy clay and whitewares industries have trusted in the systems from Refratechnik Ceramics, one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete refractory linings for tunnel kilns. Today the company delivers to all key kiln engineering firms

› suspended roof and other roof systems

› wall systems

› tunnel kiln car systems

› a wide variety of kiln furniture

A decisive factor for a good roof is its air-tightness. With the overlapping element layout of the suspended roof, Refratechnik Ceramics has made an outstanding contribution to technical progress.

A well-insulated wall is a condition for the economic operation of a tunnel kiln. In the interest of economic efficiency, Refratechnik Ceramics aims to use the thinnest possible walls in order to save transport costs due to the weight. In addition, only large-size lightweight elements are developed, which are quickly assembled. 

Owing to the constant heating and cooling, the kiln car is the component in the tunnel kiln that is exposed to the most severe stresses. The dry-pressed products from Refratechnik Ceramics boast very high dimensional accuracy and enormous thermal shock resistance leading to long lifecycles.

Systems from Refratechnik Ceramics stand for energy efficiency. The refractory technology is opening up high cost saving potential. Put simply, the less material has to be heated up, the less energy is consumed. Hence, the company designs its systems with lightweight materials and lightweight, thin-walled elements that lead to cost reduction.

Refratechnik Ceramics


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