Rieter’s pullout from Germany causing no supply gap

Back in August, when ­Rie­ter-Werke announced that they would be closing down their facility in Constance, the ceramic industry got a case of the nerves. Lots of Rieter’s customers were worried about their machines’ future upkeep. Well, here is the good news: The supply of spare parts for Rieter-built machines is not at risk. On the contrary, RehartGroup is not only supplying a complete line of spare parts and building new machines, but even has three close-to-the-customer locations in Germany alone: Rehart in Bavaria, Petersen in North Rhine-Westphalia, and Tribotec in Thuringia. The Rehart network also includes locations in Romania (Durus S.R.L.) as well as in Russia (Petersen Samara). RehartGroup is therefore in a position to provide quick assistance whenever an extruded, mixer or roller mill should start causing problems.

Rehart GmbH is a ceramic industry leader. For nearly 20 years now, Rehart has been very successfully optimizing extruders built by Rieter, Händle and others. All across Europe, Rehart has improved the production parameters of some 80 machines by approximately one-third. Those machines are now consuming some 30% less energy, and their line fluctuations are down by as much as 40%.

Now, RehartGroup is gearing up to fill a potential gap resulting from Rieter’s retreat. “That is why“, explains RehartGroup managing director Klaus Schülein, “we as a competent partner of the ceramic industry feel obligated to ensure the availability of spare parts and keep on building new machines – just like we have been doing since 2003 via Petersen Service GmbH, which produces in Netphen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Our machines are of high quality,  and they offer all the same advantages as any extruder we have ever optimized.“

Such optimization improves the overall quality of products while reducing line fluctuations and wear and improving pressure build-up and production temperature. Compaction is more uniform, and 30% less energy is needed. Where does all this competence come from? Rehart has been making and supplying wear parts for Rieter extrusion units and presses, mixers, circular screen feeders, Tonstar roller mills, pan mills, crushing rollers and Euro presses for over a quarter of a century now. Schülein puts it like this: “Thanks to intensive cooperation with our customers, we are in a position to keep them supplied with continuously improved spare parts.“


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