De Boer and Daanen join forces to set up a new company facility

In 2010, the Nijmegen-based Dutch company Machinefabriek De Boer, known as a supplier of special presses and soft-mud brickmaking machines for the ceramics industry, is joining forces with its affiliate company Daanen in Boxmeer, Netherlands, to set up a new production facility in Wijchen, near Nijmegen.

At the new company site, De Boer wants to work with Daanen and organize production more efficiently so as to better support its customers in the ceramics industry. The corporate group is known as a manufacturer of large presses, pallet handling machines, combined mixers and presses, sand dryers, sand transport equipment, pigment metering units, dust extractors, pro­cess water treatment systems as well as its well-known mould chain systems.

Striking is the characteristic and appealing design of the future main building, whose shape customers are sure to quickly recognize. The objectives of this design concept was to the portray the machine works’ most important product and to integrate the end-products manufactured with De Boer machines into the architecture. The main building, with its shape and contours designed as a giant mould chain, seems to rest on brick columns. The design is bound to be a talking point.

De Boer hopes to welcome its customers and partners to its new base by the end of 2010.


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