Crisis in residential building sector affects Unipor

Unipor plants announce decline in sales and turnover

In the year just completed the Unipor Brick Group (Munich) recorded a significant decline in sales and turnover. Sales of masonry bricks decreased from 724 million to 668 million NF units – a minus of 7.7% compared to 2008. In the same period the total turnover dropped to 87.8 million € (-6.8%) and the core turnover for masonry bricks to 69.2 million  € (-3.6%). “In the absence of political impulses there is also no improvement of the situation in sight for 2010”, commented Board Director Kunibert Gerij. “Our turnover figures look somewhat more positive than the sales figures because in the past year we were able to increase the share of high-quality products in the sales again. We see this as confirmation of our product policy”, explained Unipor Managing Director Dr. Thomas Fehlhaber.
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