Unipor registers positive business figures

The sustained upswing in Germany‘s housing sector has been a boon for Unipor-Ziegel-Gruppe and its 11 member companies (15 locations): This network of middle-market heavy clay producers has logged appreciable gains in sales and revenues for the year 2011 – thanks in part to rising demand for high-performance thermal and acoustic insulation products. Compared to the group‘s 2010 results, sales of masonry bricks were up 3.5% to 708 mill. NF units. Total turnover expanded to € 100.2 mill. (+ 12.7%) during that same period.

The “Unipor WS09 ­Coriso” masonry brick counts among the group‘s latest new products. Even for a wall thickness of 36.5 cm, their minimum acoustic insulation value of 51.8 decibel already beats the official acoustic insulation requirements for multi-storey residential construction. Along with conventional masonry bricks, Unipor is also working on a number of special solutions and niche products such as the “Unitherm” brick panel heating system, which exploits the heat storage capacity of walls, floors and ceilings to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.



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