Much higher sales for Unipor

The positive development in German housing construction is reflected in the current business figures for the Unipor-Ziegel Group: in 2014 the adjusted annual sales of the total of nine Unipor member companies, which produce clay blocks at 13 sites in Germany, increased from € 81 mill. to around € 83.1 mill (+2.6 percent). In the same period of time the plants sold 595 mill. standard format (SF) clay blocks, a total of 7.0% more than in the previous year (556 mill. SF).

Especially in the southern German states, the Unipor plants were able to increase their sales volume and turnover. Here the percentage of high-performance products filled with insulating materials increased again on the previous year. “Already last year, in some Bavarian regions sales of the Coriso masonry blocks made up around 50% of all products for exterior walls”, sums up Unipor ­Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fehl­haber. However, the Unipor clay block plants in the northern states were only able to take a limited share in the upswing.

Unipor-Ziegel Marketing GmbH


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