Hartmut Augustin

Ceramika “Przyborsk” – following in the tradition of the Lower Silesian facing brick industry

If you leave the Görlitz-Wroclaw (Breslau) motorway and take the No. 94 road, after around 25 km you will see a sign to Ceramika “Przyborsk”. Already at the entrance you will be impressed by the wide-ranging use of ceramic design elements adorning the administration building (››1). This report covers the ground from the company’s founding to the present day.

1 From the company history

The plant was built according to the plans of Albert Augustin in the years 1868 to 1870. The Heidegersdorf (Gieraltow) site was chosen by Augustin because of the abundant availability of raw materials suitable for use in the facing brick industry nearby. As owner of the Lauban Tonwerke, Augustin had amassed ample experience in Germany’s first facing brick plant. But, the Lauban plant was no longer able to meet the rising demand for bricks that had accompanied the economic upswing.
He began with three muffle kilns, followed after 10 years by a meander kiln, which was...

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